How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Digital Advertising

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How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Digital Advertising

Post by GameOfCoins » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:01 am

The disruption of the cumbersome supply chain industry by platforms such as Waltonchain, VeChain, and Ambrosus is evidence of the potential blockchain may have on centralized systems. However, the next industry to be revolutionized after the decentralization of the supply chain ecosystem may an unexpected one.

Accountability and traceability are aspects of blockchain technology that are absent from the labyrinthine digital marketing industry, which is presently valued at over $250 billion dollars annually.

The entire digital advertising landscape is unclear, prone to interference from middlemen, notoriously centralized, and highly inefficient – making it the ideal ecosystem for the application of transparent, immutable distributed ledger technology. ... vertising/

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