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Passware Commercializes Bitcoin Wallet Password Brute Force Cracking

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:54 pm
by howlermunkey
The Bitcoin Wallet Promise by Passware
Specializing in password recovery can be a lucrative business. Consumers tend to be somewhat careless when it comes to using or remembering passwords these days. When important information is lost, retrieving data can become nigh impossible. Companies such as Passware are confident they can make a positive impact in this department through their proprietary software.

Things are very different when it comes to Bitcoin wallet passwords. Software clients usually do not store the password in a way it can be recovered easily. The same applies to web wallets, which are very commonplace in the cryptocurrency world. Despite these challenges, Passware claims that it has cracked the proverbial code.

Through its new product, Bitcoin users are able to recover wallet passwords. Users need to submit their wallet file and import it into the software client. By actively brute forcing the password, Passware Kit can – in most cases – retrieve the password with some ease. A total of 500,00 password combinations are used every single second to find the missing information. ... -cracking/