Three notable reverse coin offerings which are making waves, and money

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Three notable reverse coin offerings which are making waves, and money

Post by howlermunkey » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:43 am

Initial coin offerings are a fundamental method of fundraising for cryptocurrency startups, but what happens when the company is already well-established? That’s when reverse initial coin offerings come into play. In this, we look into what this means for cryptocurrency projects.

Anyone who knows a little about cryptocurrency will know about several massive reverse initial coin offerings (ICOs), such as Telegram. Although it’s evident that they are part of the many ICOs that are looking for money, it might not be well known that they exist as reverse coin offering projects.

ICO vs Reverse ICOs
The key difference between a regular coin offering and a reverse ICO is that startup companies will make use of a regular ICO as a means to crowdfund a project to create a product or several while reverse ICOs are generally used by established businesses who have already created a product and are looking to launch related tokens in order to gather funds to expand the company or to successfully release the product. Owing to this, reverse ICOs – which essentially operate in the same way as standard ICOs – have more user-friendly valuations and are more open and transparent.

Thus, reverse ICOs are more like initial public offerings (IPOs) seen in non-cryptocurrency related markets but do not have the restrictive regulations to follow.

Since there are fewer established businesses who use this method of crowdfunding, the projects receive a lot of attention. In this, we will be exploring three of the most notable reverse ICOs currently on the market.

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