Blockchain Startup Incubator Cryptfunder Announces Platform and Token Sale

Initial Coin Offerings
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Blockchain Startup Incubator Cryptfunder Announces Platform and Token Sale

Post by howlermunkey » Fri May 25, 2018 2:02 pm

Until now, the prevalent method for blockchain startups to raise funding for their project has been through initial coin offerings (ICOs). Since 2017, that market has exploded in size, introducing new challenges for the industry and ICO participants.

Challenges in the Industry
It’s worth noting that the ICO era is still in its infantile stages, with governments and institutions around the world still wrestling with how to classify tokens, tax them and regulate the industry for consumer safety.

In some countries, this has resulted in stifling ICO and exchange bans. However, as mentioned before, the industry has made very new and decisive progress on the matter.

Regardless of the ongoing bureaucratic and political discourse, ICO ‘fever’ isn’t letting up, in fact, it’s growing at quite some pace. ICO funding in 2017 managed to make over $5 billion USD in total, and that figure has already been surpassed this year – by the end of March 2018, 200 hundred ICOs had managed to accumulate 6.3 Billion USD.

With regulations entering the space, the likelihood is that scam and fraudulent ICOs will thin out, and soon there will be a dizzying amount of legitimate and genuinely innovative ICOs on the market. In addition, too much choice could be a problem for investors and the startups attempting to raise funds for their projects, which could inadvertently cause a creative startup to go unnoticed. ... oken-sale/

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