Is Populous (PPT) the Best Performing Asian Altcoin? - globalcoinreport

Populous is a P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice finance platform that is globalising what is currently a localised and limited market sector. It is a global invoice trading platform built on blockchain's distributed ledger technology.
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Is Populous (PPT) the Best Performing Asian Altcoin? - globalcoinreport

Post by GameOfCoins » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:59 am

If you have been following up with Populous (PPT), you have surely noticed an amazing increase of nearly 100% in the course of a couple of days. Populous is still trading in the green, but its performance in the previous week crowned Populous as the best-performing currency among the top 30 coins and token in accordance with the global coin ranking list. After this amazing performance, we are interested in finding out whether Populous could be the best performing crypto among Asian altcoins, as well as have a glimpse at what is waiting for PPT in the future.

Populous and the 95% Rise

Media coverage is extremely important in the world of cryptocurrencies as it is hardly possible to have a massive targeted audience in case you aren’t present in the news and media. While other top coins like Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum are constantly talked-about, Populous might seem like a “modest Molly” when it comes to its presence in the media.

However, this case isn’t affecting PPT in reality as this coin even with the media negligence is progressing towards reaching new heights, potentially being the most successful Asian altcoin in the market when it comes to its pace of growth, especially the one shown during the last week when this currency managed to bounce off solidly as it was collecting gains of 95% against the dollar. In addition to this massive wave of gains, PPT has had another wave of positive change in the market as it went up by over 15% on Tuesday, altogether making it the best performing coin of the last week.

Even at the time of this writing and as the April is coming to an end, PPT is still being traded in the green with frequent raises, which indicates in a great portion that Populous is heading towards becoming more popular than it was before.

In case you are not familiar with the main objective of the PPT team, the thing to know is that Populous is in the “business” of helping small and medium enterprises, to successfully and easily perform invoicing, that way preventing losses from unpaid invoices, which is often the case when it comes to small and medium companies.

Populous is currently ranked as the 26th-best currency has been on the top 30 list for quite some time now, but this is one of the rare occasions that we also see PPT making it through an entire week as the top trading altcoin. ... n-altcoin/

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