EOS Developers’ $50 Million Capital collaboration!

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EOS Developers’ $50 Million Capital collaboration!

Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:35 am

On Friday 1st June, the founders of EOS platform, Block.one has exclusively collaborated with SVK Crypto, a leading blockchain investment firm based in London to speed up the growth and development of EOSIO blockchain ecosystem. Block.one and SVK Crypto are going to invest $50 Million for the fifth injection of capital for the EOS Virtual Capital [VC] initiative.

Hugh Cochrane and Shane Kehoe will be leads of the fund management team from SVK Crypto. Both of them have got more than a 25 years’ experience in making investments for early-stage technological enterprises and start-up firms.

The funds will be used to develop decentralized applications [dApps] that are created on the EOSIO blockchain. These dApps can be used for functions such as data ownership, data control, technological platforms, logistics, supply chains, and on social media platforms.

https://ambcrypto.com/50-million-capita ... or-eos-vc/

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