Craig Wright Pools Gain 60% of the Bitcoin Cash Hashrate

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Craig Wright Pools Gain 60% of the Bitcoin Cash Hashrate

Post by howlermunkey » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:15 am

Three Craig Wright affiliated mining pools have reached 60% of the Bitcoin Cash hashrate, making BTC mining some 30% more profitable at the time of writing according to data by Coin Dance.

Calvin Ayre’s Coingeek (pictured above) has reached 32% of the hashrate, with the newly created SVPool gaining 18%. While BMG, run by a company Craig Wright founded called nChain, has now reached 10%.

Making it a combined 60% in favor of BSV as it appears they’ve taken some hashrate out of bitcoin to mine at less profit on BCH.

BCH’s current hashrate stands at 4.8 quintillion hashes a second, a number that comes after trillion and quadrillion. That makes it about 10% of BTC’s 50 quintillion hashes. Giving what is probably mainly Ayre controlled hash some 6% of bitcoin’s hashrate.

“Anyone running Bitmains ABC will not be mining much after Nov 17th test starts so the solution is simply to switch and mine #BitcoinSV like #Bitmain will have to,” Ayre publicly stated.

That implies Ayre is backing a 51% attack on BCH. He has made no such explicit statement as far as we can see, but Wright has.

Wright said in a recent interview that Ayre was planning to build a power plant for mining. Suggesting much of this 60%, if not perhaps all of it, is controlled by Ayre who Wright called a partner.

What tests they plan on November 17th isn’t very clear. There are suggestions they carried out a poison block attack this Saturday when they mined five 32MB blocks which contained miner created zombie transactions that were not propagated to the network, nor validated by the nodes, prior to the block being mined.

There are suggestions some blocks have been orphaned, with Craig Wright affiliated pools so showing hostility to the BCH network ahead of a chain-split fork this Thursday. ... h-hashrate

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