Crypto Mining Mogul Hits the Big-time with Portable Mining Containers

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Crypto Mining Mogul Hits the Big-time with Portable Mining Containers

Post by RamboLambo » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:34 am

Serial crypto entrepreneur Valery Vavilov of Bitfury has struck gold again with his latest venture by solving two of the main hurdles in mining cryptocurrency with some big black boxes.

Bitfury Founder makes Crypto Mining Operations Portable

The BlackBoxes which are sea containers that have been converted into giant, portable mining rigs hold one hundred thousand of Bitfury’s signature microchips and are able to mine an average of fifteen tokens per month. Even at a million USD per unit 100 have sold in the last year and a half, beefing up the companies revenue for the previous 12 month period to $450 million in cash and crypto.

Vavilov along with co-founder Valery Nebesny, who started by designing an energy saving chip in the kitchen of their rented Amsterdam flat, examined the two most serious problems affecting crypto mining operations, electricity cost and government indecision on how to treat the nascent industry and came up with an obvious solution. Make the mining centers portable.

Vavilov spoke to Bloomberg about his BlackBoxes from Ukraine, one of the 16 countries in which his 500 employees are spread out, saying: “We realized our data centers needed to be mobile, to be both somewhere and anywhere,” ... -founders/

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