Grappling with Crypto Miners' Existential Question: ASICs or GPUs?

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Grappling with Crypto Miners' Existential Question: ASICs or GPUs?

Post by howlermunkey » Wed May 30, 2018 1:54 pm

Cryptocurrencies use proof-of-work to maximize security. Or was it decentralization?

Both of these goals are close to the hearts of the cryptocurrency community at large, but they're especially important to the miners whose hardware rigs perform that proof-of-work: the power-hungry computations used to update the blockchains of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, decentralization and security can be a tradeoff – one that's at the center of the sometimes-acrimonious debate over application specific integrated circuits, or ASICs.

At a panel held Monday at CoinDesk's Consensus 2018 event, three big names in cryptocurrency mining came to grips with this debate, discussing ASICs' implications for security and decentralization. The discussion often came back to role of governments, sometimes as partners, other times as adversaries.

ASICs are custom-built computer chips used to mine cryptocurrencies hyper-efficiently. When an ASIC is developed to mine a specific coin, it tends to drive graphics processing units (GPUs), used by many small-scale miners, out of the mining market.

For some, including panelist Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis mining, that's a problem. "GPUs are the most decentralized mining hardware we have on the planet," he said at the event. Part of the reason is that GPUs are cheaper, requiring less of a sunk-cost investment to launch a mining operation. ... sics-gpus/

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