EOS Network Lives up to the Hype but Not an Ethereum Killer

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EOS Network Lives up to the Hype but Not an Ethereum Killer

Post by howlermunkey » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:39 am

The recently launched EOS Network surpassed Ethereum regarding the transaction volume capacity per second. Many critics were of the view that the network could be an Ethereum killer.

However, co-founder Joseph Lubin clearly stated, in an interview with CNBC, that his company is focusing on the infrastructure. He also said that “we let price take care of itself.”

Transaction Volume
A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the 24-hour transaction volume of 727,334, recently. EOS created a new record for volume of transactions per second. It also equaled more than 50 percent of its rival Ethereum’s ‘Record’ transactions.

As per statistics from Blocktivity, Ethereum has more than 26.606 unconfirmed transactions with the highest transaction pace of 593,437 tx/24h. On the other hand, EOS occupies merely 0.02 percent of its total capacity with approximately 201.000 tx/24h.

One thing is clear: EOS is not an Ethereum killer. It’s just the excitement among certain investors that is leading to the hype. Also, these networks do conduct stress tests from time to time.

https://blokt.com/news/eos-network-live ... eum-killer

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