Can Bitcoin End International Economic Sanctions and Create a Fairer World?

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Can Bitcoin End International Economic Sanctions and Create a Fairer World?

Post by theDarkGoatisBAAAAD » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:30 pm

Most of the Bitcoin discussions nowadays involve investors, financial institutions, and the opinions of billionaires on whether or not Satoshi's invention has value or potential for international markets. However, it's quite negligent and short-sighted to treat this advanced invention of cryptography as a mere financial asset which retains some speculative potential.

First and foremost, Bitcoin is a political statement of autonomy and self-determination, and a financial tool libertarians use to exchange value without the intervention of an oppressive government or authoritative institution.

When we speak about the greatest creation of the cypherpunks' anarcho-capitalist dream, we should have some considerations for their intentions. The financial incentives and market dynamics are not a goal in itself, but just a mean to attract people into the system and grow a revolutionary project.

Those who have been around long enough know that the name of their game isn't "let's speculate and get rich", but rather "let's change the world by separating the state from money". Nevertheless, the economic conflict isn't always between individuals and their governments - in many situations, we're dealing with international tensions which often result in financial resolutions.

If you watch world news for longer than a week, it's impossible not to hear the terms embargo, trade war, and economic sanction. They are all concepts of international affairs which refer to punishments that one or more states use against others for financial purposes. As soon as the United Nations were established in 1945, the new world paradigm has been that of economic cooperation (well, where it was politically possible).

Instead of waging war for resources and land, states would open borders to trade by virtue of treaties and international organizations. We're talking about a large-scale application of Adam Smith's economic thought, and one which comes with many ways to create prosperity but also retain leverage. ... rer-world/

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