Go4cryptos Exchange Review

At go4cryptos, we promise safety, reliability and speed of execution for all your trades. Our goal is to make sure you get best market price available. SAFE. S: Safety is the highest priority for us and we position ourselves with a 3-fold safety margin. 1. Password protection - 2. IP address check - 3. Google Authenticator. EASY.
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Go4cryptos Exchange Review

Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:19 pm

Go4cryptos is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Go4cryptos is a Swaziland based platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency. Go4cryptos is a fast, easy and simple Swiss-based platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency. Go4cryptos is one of the projects of A-Coin technologies. A-Coin technologies AG is an innovative and dynamic Fintech company with the passion of making Blockchain technology accessible for public. The team of the Go4cryptos consist of strategy experts and financial service providers.

The exchange is crypto-to fiat currency exchange and vice versa. It supports few crypto to fiat pairs including ALP/BTC, BTC/ETH, ALP/ETH, ALP/EURO, ALP/USD, and ALP/CHF.

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