Payments Race Day 3 - From Innsbruck to Paris

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Payments Race Day 3 - From Innsbruck to Paris

Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:27 am

The Payments Race is back on, this time in Europe. From the 31st May, five intrepid individuals, each one with a single payment method, will travel from Istanbul to Amsterdam. The Payments Race ends as Money20/20 Europe open its doors on 4th June. I am representing #TeamCrypto and I am hoping to repeat my previous success as the winner of the North America leg of the race from Toronto to Las Vegas in November 2017. Alongside 4 other racers, I will compete to see who can travel through the most countries using only one form of payment, using the the most varied means of transportation whilst attracting continued social media support along the way. Cryptocurrencies are not yet a common form of payment, yet cryptocurrencies are said to be the future of money. This is a great opportunity to put cryptocurrencies to the test. During this journey I will show how to invest in cryptocurrencies, how to spend cryptocurrencies, where to spend cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc… It will also feature how to choose a wallet for your cryptocurrencies, how to download a wallet, and different way you can pay with cryptocurrencies. Thank you Coinfloor for sponsoring me ( Coinfloor is the UK’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, providing a secure and accessible platform for institutional and sophisticated investors to trade and invest crypto.


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