You Can See the Blockchain in the Starry Skies of Art

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You Can See the Blockchain in the Starry Skies of Art

Post by GameOfCoins » Sat May 26, 2018 11:30 am

Blockchain is proving to be a versatile technology with a wide variety of applications. The obvious application is cryptocurrency, but blockchain tech is also being used to build smart contracts, give land titles greater integrity, and secure government records. While these applications are still in their infancy, there is one application that has the potential to save an entire industry: preventing art theft.

Would it shock you to learn that 64% of professional photographers have had their work stolen over 200 times online? It’s not surprising that 49% of the culprits were bloggers and social media users, but it might surprise you to find out that 28% of the offenders were businesses, and 72% of those businesses altered stolen work to avoid detection. In 2017 alone, piracy websites were visited over 300 billion times worldwide. Stolen music costs the music industry $12.5 billion a year. There’s a fundamental misunderstanding that the internet is to blame in many of these cases – just because you can take something online doesn’t mean that you should. It’s free to look at or to listen to, not to take. ... es-of-art/

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