Dapp Creates And Stores Art On The Ethereum Blockchain

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Dapp Creates And Stores Art On The Ethereum Blockchain

Post by howlermunkey » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:50 pm

Serbia-based decentralized technology startup Decenter recently released Cryptographics, a fully functional Dapp on the Ethereum mainnet to generate art pieces called "cryptographics" based on asset packs (collections of visual elements like images and symbols). The Decenter team said the Dapp "represents a fusion of cryptography, Web 3.0, and digital art inspired by the dada avant-garde movement."

The art-making process is simple: Individuals choose which asset packs they want to use to create their cryptographics. From there, a "random composition process" generates the artwork, which users can keep forever on the blockchain as ERC721 tokens or sell in the Cryptographics Gallery, which is a sort of marketplace for individuals to buy and sell cryptographics.

Asset packs are designed and uploaded by visual artists, such as illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers. These collections contain up to 50 different elements, with at least one background graphic. Artists receive Ether whenever somebody creates a cryptographic using their asset packs.

https://www.ethnews.com/dapp-creates-an ... blockchain

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