Google versus Ethereum [ETH]’s Infura, a vigorous discussion on scalability claims

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Google versus Ethereum [ETH]’s Infura, a vigorous discussion on scalability claims

Post by howlermunkey » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:53 pm

On 22nd August, Riccardo Spagni of Monero, Jackson Palmer of Dogecoin and a popular blockchain technologist called Preston Byrne were found commenting on a statement made by Joseph Lubin. Lubin is one of the Co-founders of Ethereum and the Founder of the blockchain firm, ConsenSys. On multiple occasions, Lubin stated that the requests handled by Infura per day are more than processed by Google.

In a recent podcast, Lubin once again mentioned that Infura, which is an Ethereum oriented blockchain infrastructure, can handle between 8 billion to 10 billion queries in one day. He also compared this to Google, claiming that the figure is twice of that of what Google handles. Preston Byrne, in his tweet, wrote:

“So, on this podcast @ethereumjoseph claims @infura_io handles “between 8 billion and 10 billion queries per day… which is about twice what Google handles. (Around 44:30 in.) // The entire world uses Google. Maybe 3,000 people use Eth. I don’t buy it.”

In the following thread, he also added:

“I mean, sure, maybe *someone* on God’s green earth is asking Infura to read the Ethereum public chain 115,740.7 times per *second* (why not, you know, just DOWNLOAD THE CHAIN? Anyway…) but there is no way that’s genuine, de novo traffic in the same sense that Google gets it.”

To these posts, two of the popular names in the cryptocurrency space replied. Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin commented sarcastically. He said that the ability of blockchain developers to build bad-performing applications should not be underestimated; especially the ones that do not cache and waste bandwidth even at the time of no user interaction. ... ty-claims/

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