Casper and Sharding Merger Confirmed, Constantinople Back on the Table

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Casper and Sharding Merger Confirmed, Constantinople Back on the Table

Post by GameOfCoins » Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:06 am

Ethereum developers have now confirmed a change in the roadmap that effectively deprecates 1,500 eth Casper FFG in favor of 32 eth Casper.

In an extensive developers update, Raul Jordan from Prysmatic labs said they had finished minimal sharding protocol implementation. There are proposer and notaries performing their responsibilities, he said, and they are researching random beacon chains, dynamic shard count properties, but since they are in flux, they’re trying to be as scrappy and as efficient as possible.

They may be ready for a Proof of Concept release. “That’s where we are,” he said, trying to get something that works and is in line with current spec.

In response to a question by Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, Jordan said they haven’t figured out reorgs, with the current design gossiped through the same net, rather than in a peer to peer network. Not trying to do anything that would be disrupted by changes on the research side, he said.

Vitalik Buterin said Casper FFG as a smart contract is out, in favor of a Casper which runs on a beacon chain, links to the main chain, can be used to finalize the main chain without being directly inside the main chain.

The only contract in the roadmap is a contract to call a function to send 32 eth, all else processed by the rest of the system.

Functionality, in the short term, similar to Casper FFG as a contract, except for the one way mechanism whereby if you deposit 32 eth for staking, the 32 eth can not be withdrawn until a hardfork implements states and so allows withdrawal into a shard.

The beacon chain is Proof of Stake (POS). All blocks in PoS reference the main chain blocks. If PoS finalizes, it points to a main chain block, so gets indirectly confirmed. ... back-table

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