Ethereum [ETH] on the rise assures Brian Kelly

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Ethereum [ETH] on the rise assures Brian Kelly

Post by dizzleBEE16 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:27 am

CNBC’s very own ‘crypto baller’ Brian Kelly went on air and spoke about Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. He believes that ETH’s downward spiral is over. While BTC struggles to pull out of its nosedive, ETH will fare better, Kelly insists.

Kelly has identified three catalysts that makes him bullish on Ethereum.

Ethereum Futures
Augur platform to be launched
PoS switch

Right after the SEC came out and said that Ethereum is not a security, the President of CBOE came out and said, that was a hurdle for us, launching Ethereum futures. Kelly feels that, since Ethereum Index is already around, Ethereum futures are not far off.

Next on the agenda is Augur, a decentralized oracle and prediction market platform. Kelly believes this will soon become the biggest dApp built on the Ethereum platform. So, if Augur doesn’t ‘slow the system down’, then it will be a positive for Ethereum.

Additionally, the fact that Ethereum is taking steps to move away from Proof of Work [PoS] and towards Proof of Stake [PoS], what Kelly terms as the switch from ‘hardware mining’, to ‘software mining’.

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