Nasdaq Exchange Supports Litecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

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Nasdaq Exchange Supports Litecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

Post by howlermunkey » Tue May 29, 2018 2:04 pm

One of the most important exchanges in the United States, has taken important steps to get involved in the virtual currency market. The reality is that crypto exchanges have been profiting from the important influx of new investors at the end of 2017. But which are the cryptocurrencies that Nasdaq is backing?

Stellar, Litecoin and Bitcoin

Stellar is one of the first digital currencies that has been backed by Nasdaq. According to exchange, Stellar has the potential to grow by partnering with enterprises like IBM. The currency allows stellar 300x181 - Nasdaq Exchange Supports Litecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cryptocurrenciescompanies to perform worldwide cross-border transfer which is very useful for many industries.

Litecoin is known as a cryptocurrency for payments, that has short transaction times, and low fees. It can be used in many different stores and websites and it is listed in an important number of virtual currency exchanges. Moreover, the currency does not want to replace Bitcoin, but instead, complement it.

Finally, Bitcoin has been marked as the favourite cryptocurrency with huge future potential. Nasdaq believed that the Consensus was going to have a positive multiplying effect in Bitcoin’s price. But it did not happen. Bitcoin was not able to capitalize the positive atmosphere at the meeting and grow. ... urrencies/

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