Lympo [LYM] sees more than 26% hike after being listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex

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Lympo [LYM] sees more than 26% hike after being listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex

Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:29 am

Lympo [LYM] has been seeing a magnificent rise ever since the coin announced its listing on one of the leading platforms in the world, Bitfinex and Ethfinex. The coin has gone up by more than 26% in the past 24 hours and more than 48% in the past 7 days.

Lympo [LYM] aims at revolutionizing sport and health data with the help of blockchain technology. The platform has recently requested its user base to help the token’s listing on Ethfinex, an exchange platform which mainly focuses on tokens based on the Ethereum platform. Ethfinex had started a competition to decide which coins would be listed on the platform. Lympo [LYM] was up against 10 coins and came out as the number 1 preferred coin to be listed.

The lympo team is optimistic about the impact that this revolutionary listing will have on Lympo. They said:

“Getting listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex is a huge deal for Lympo as it will make LYM available to thousands of new people worldwide, thus increasing LYM‘s trade volume and uplifting it to an even stronger position in the markets. We believe that LYM will find its place on these great exchanges.”

The deposits of LYM on the platforms will start at 12 UTC and trading will begin after 3 hours. Users can start trading LYM with the following trading pairs: LYM/ETH, LYM/BTC, and LYM/USDT. ... -ethfinex/

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