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The World's First Mutual Aid Marketplace On BlockChain. Improve efficiency and lower operational cost for INSURERS. Medishares is a Ethereum based, decentralized, open-source mutual aid marketplace. Anyone can join a mutual aid scheme through sending variable amount of MDS to a smart contract. Anyone can become a mutual aid insurer based on the smart contract templates provided by MediShares, and can profit from it.
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MediShares (MDS): The New Gem Token in the Block - stocksgazette

Post by howlermunkey » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:34 pm

"MediShares was launched in December 2017 as the world’s first mutual insurance marketplace. MDS is the digital token insurers use for transactions on the network. MediShares integrates the Ethereum based decentralized system into its platform to improve efficiency, and reduce transaction costs.

The goal of MediShares is to transform the productive relation of the insurance industry into a mutual one. With the help of blockchain technology, MediShares hopes to return the insurance industry its nature by sharing the benefits insurance companies make with the community." ... the-block/

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