PURA Aurora – a new dimension in cryptocurrency

The Rise of Intelligence. PURA is an international digital currency that liberates you to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately and instantly, making your life cheaper by removing the expense or need for a middle man like a bank or a payment provider.
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PURA Aurora – a new dimension in cryptocurrency

Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:04 pm

"PURA Aurora is transforming the fintech industry Watch our PURA AURORA keynote to find out more!
Finally – PURA is about to transform the world of cryptocurrencies with a brand-new innovation. The team is proud to introduce the summary of the PURA Aurora keynote. Many of you have been waiting for this – so watch our video for breaking news that will augment existing technologies in an unprecedented way."

https://pura.one/pura-aurora-new-dimens ... ocurrency/

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