Cryptocurrency 101: Beginner Blockchain eLearning Course

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Cryptocurrency 101: Beginner Blockchain eLearning Course

Post by howlermunkey » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:35 pm

Devslopes is pleased to offer their “Beginner Blockchain & Architecture” eLearning Course to the CNN community. The course is embedded below for your enjoyment and education. The team at Devslopes is a top educator in the developer elearning space. They have been a top instructor for the last 3 years with over 300,000 students. Devslopes has identified a material shortage of blockchain developer training resources currently available in the marketplace and is filling this void.

There are currently 1,900 global job postings on Indeed for blockchain related positions. And there are 8,000+ job postings on LinkedIn for blockchain developers globally. The number of job openings will continue to grow exponentially as blockchain technology moves through the product adoption curve.

With blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the rise, you need to gain a basic understanding of what they are and how they will change the world in the future. Devslopes’ blockchain instructors bring real-world experience with them in the digital classroom to help you learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and development. It’s best to learn from industry leaders and professionals rather than to go it alone.

This training course will teach you the basic fundamentals and history of blockchain technology. You may be asking yourself, what is blockchain technology? With this course, you’ll learn how blockchain is currently being used in present day and its potential for the future. On top of that, you’ll gain technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain architecture. ... ng-course/

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