The Summer of Dapps

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The Summer of Dapps

Post by FrankNBeans » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:50 am

First, there were none, then, there were many. What can you do with bitcoin besides buying alpaca socks, they used to say. Now, what ethereum dapp takes your fancy, we ask.

It has taken around two years, but an ecosystem with real use cases is starting to develop in ethereum especially this year.

Decentralized exchanges are now a thing. Tokenized gold too. Algorithmic stable digital cash like dollars you can trust for they have no intermediary has now been proven.

Just that is a lot, especially the algorithmic money part. Ethtraders are metaphorically daily finding new things about dai, and dai right now is a somewhat simple version. A lot more can be done with what could be an entire niche industry of algorithmic money.

The cats, of course, take everyone’s fancy, but things like a decentralized supercomputer renderer like Golem can make them even fancier.

That too can be an entire sub industry of games where you have ownership of the digital character. And to easily play them, Status has now just launched.

That’s a browser of sorts on your phone. The dapp is effectively an ethereum node, so you can browse all the dapps, send and receive money, manage all the assets, chat with others.

On merchants’ payments, things like TenX are still moving along, but ethereum is carving a space of its own where eth is a natural currency or asset and where eth is superior to the dollar in all ways. ... r-of-dapps

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