Crypto Contracts are Making the Next-generation of Financial Markets Possible

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Crypto Contracts are Making the Next-generation of Financial Markets Possible

Post by dizzleBEE16 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:36 pm

Have you ever felt that other traders have an advantage over you due to their vast technological firepower? In order to eliminate the pain points of the current exchange ecosystem, the financial markets need more fairness, efficiency, and modernity. Jim Bai, CEO of EMX, and his team realized that there is a better way, and this is how they’ve used their collective experience to create a next-generation derivatives trading platform that’s not only accelerating the speed of the transaction lifecycle, but it is also reducing the risk to the traders and to the exchange.

Great to meet you, Jim Bai! Can you tell us more about yourself, and how the team came together?
Craig, my co-founder, and I met each other during our freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University, where we both studied computer science. By junior year, we were roommates, and we even graduated early – in only three years – to begin our professional careers.

After college, I worked for almost 10 years in New York as a trader at Citigroup and Graham Capital, a global macro hedge fund. Craig moved out west shortly after graduation to take an engineering job in Seattle with Microsoft, where he worked for five years. After that, he spent seven years leading a quantitative research development team at the hedge fund AQR.

About 18 months ago, while immersed in the blockchain and decentralization movement in San Francisco, Craig and I started discussing our idea with former colleagues and professional acquaintances. Long story short, our first eight hires ended up being people we’ve either worked with, or have known for a long time, building EMX. ... -possible/

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