Want to Get into the Bitcoin Gold Rush? Sell Shovels

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Want to Get into the Bitcoin Gold Rush? Sell Shovels

Post by phATstax00 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:08 pm

New Jobs and Institutional Investment

David Wills is the COO at Caspian, a company based in Hong Kong that services hedge funds with crypto trading solutions. In his opinion he says, as long as the cryptocurrency asset class “has a pulse,” the real winners will be the businesses that provide the picks and shovels.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts share the sentiment, and none more so than Morgan Hill, a partner at the New York-based $30 million Turing Funds. At a conference in New York, Hill observed most companies at the event either looking for ICO investors or cryptocurrency business customers for their back-office operations.

What this means for the crypto industry is that an increasing amount of finance industry talent is leaving traditional firms and pitching up with cryptocurrencies, even as companies in the cryptosphere continue to grapple with an ongoing skills shortage. Everyone from programmers and developers to bankers and analysts, and even insurance brokers and government lobbyists now have a vast array of opportunities available to them in the space

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