An Invitation to CoinDesk's Super-Secret ICO Pre-Launch Party*

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An Invitation to CoinDesk's Super-Secret ICO Pre-Launch Party*

Post by coinstaxxx » Tue May 01, 2018 4:33 pm

We're talking about a coin launch party, bros.

Because what good is having immutable record-keeping and shared digital trust if you can't kick it off with a rip-roaring banger? Amirite?

Think machine-learning robots in a fully autonomous yogurt shop. Look, we know you've thought about that before, so we turned it up a notch - pairing the technology with actual pseudoscience. We'll have palm readers and Reiki and lots of lots of crystals (mostly amethyst because it's an all-purpose healing stone and let's be clear, we have no idea what our purpose is).

Even better, all we have to do is look to what the state-of-the-art projects are really, actually, already, we're-totally-not-making-this-up doing for ideas.

So before you make millions on DeskCoin (name not final - we might change it to something "dope"), we've lined up an event that's sure to leave you mesmerized and also slightly hungover. ... nch-party/

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