Monaco Purchases Iconic Domain Name, Rebrands as

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Monaco Purchases Iconic Domain Name, Rebrands as

Post by GameOfCoins » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:45 pm

With the increasing interest in the crypto Industry, the efforts to possess the domain, worth millions of dollars, had reasonably risen. Until now, however, domain owner Matt Blaze, a computer science professor at Pennsylvania University, had rejected all offers. Finds a New Home

Incessantly, the professor kept on reminding the world that he was not looking forward to selling the domain. Moreover, he asked and requested the interested buyers not to vest efforts to contact him regarding the sale. However, this July Blaze shocked everyone when he decided to sell the domain to Monaco.

Monaco, a digital currency project that is well-recognized for its developmental works in Cryptocurrency debit card, was the fortunate buyer of the domain. The news of a possible sale was not publicized, and the exchange was unexposed to the general media until now.

As per resources, could fetch a hefty price of $10 million. However, the delegates of Monaco refused to enlighten about the specific sum of money and preferred to keep it uncovered. The Chief Executive Officer of Monaco Kris Marszalek believes that had it been all about the cash, the domain would have been sold a long time back.

In June 2017, Monaco’s Initial Coin Offering was completed, and the organization raised $25 million worth of cryptocurrency. Today, Monaco proudly holds $200 million on its balance sheet. The surge has resulted mainly because of Ether’s upheaved prices. ... rypto-com/

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