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A message to the TRX community

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:07 pm
by phATstax00
A message to the TRX Community and Justin Sun YuChen:
Everyone likes to play; which is why I'm educating this community with an Article on the topic of: Gamifying the Delivery of Money ( paraphrasing an article from )

If we can turn the distribution of this new "money" into a "game" of sorts, our success as a network will be all but guaranteed!

The existence, the physical universe is basically playful... So we can say without a doubt, that gamifying "money" will rapidly attract interest from the world's population, as any good game would. ( Alan Watts: Your Life Is Not A Journey; )

The layman's term goal of gamified money distribution is to simply get it evenly across the playing field, as quickly as possible, without devaluing the money. The essential reason for this is that, very simply; If everyone is playing the "game", the best players will soon join the lobby and queue up for a bit of "play"... (Attracting big players ensures the security of the "game", because big players will protect and support the game that they're "playing")

Some of the most successful companies in the world "gamified" their company shares and experienced MASSIVE network effect growth because of this; Amazon paid their first employees with SHARES, not salaries... This incentivizes the employees to truly do their best work, knowing they will increase their "piece of the pie" evenly!

This is what "blockchain" is at it's core level, it is the most efficient & technologically advanced form of distributing "shares" for ANY idea/company/nation/person... If you see that, you're already a true believer!

Step 1: DESTROY your greed (partially)

This is the easiest step, out of all 4 steps, just understand this one thing; As long as you have a slice of the pie, you simply focus on growing the pie, not the slice...You already have a share in this idea, so focusing on making the idea more powerful will increase the value of your shares, this is the beauty of a network effect and is the only reason you've made ANY money at all in the Blockchain Industry... Do not fall prey to the "tragedy of the commons"

Step 2: Build (or buy) a Killer App

First off, click here to see the definition of a "killer app" so your mind doesn't wander...BitTorrent is our killer app, and it may well be Blockchain's killer app; it is experiencing incentivization problems that highlight the dangers of the tragedy of the commons. This is a good thing, it gives Tron an opportunity to prove the use case of not only itself, but of all Blockchain technology' potential.

Currently, BitTorrent is experiencing problems with "free riders"; people who only download files (consuming bandwidth) and failing to upload those files after they are finished. Essentially, users of BitTorrent are doing what's best for them, but not what's best for the BitTorrent network & protocol...

This is not entirely their fault, Thomas Hobbes predicted some years ago; that to make a society function at massive scale, you need to have the right incentives in place. I'm sure all of us would mostly agree that the world currently has massive incentivization problems (ie. innocent homeless are starving, criminals in jail being fed/sheltered)

It is my understanding and belief that Justin Sun YuChen bought BitTorrent in an effort to prove the use-case of Tron and therefore Bitcoin & Blockchain by extension... He saw the problems BitTorrent was having, and he looks at them as opportunities to flex the power of a decentralized internet...

The TRX Coin would have amounted to nothing without a plan, without a Killer App, and you should know that Justin Sun has been trying to acquire BitTorrent since before the ICO started, he knew this... The coin is secondary, the coin is the "fuel", the "gas", he was focused on acquiring the "vehicle" first, as he should've...

Step 3: STEALTHILY Gamify the Killer App

There's nothing worse than overt, upfront gamification...Just think about flashy Las Vegas, get rich quick schemes, and timeshares; THAT is overt gamification...

We need stealthy gamification... Imagine you have a sudden craving for a piece of content available on BitTorrent...You open your app, click download, and you're prompted with a request to "skip" the download time for 2 TRX, you click accept and your download is immediately available to fulfill your craving. Now think the same situation, but you don't need the content immediately, you can let it download while you cook your dinner. When you get back to your viewing device, the content is ready and you receive another pop-up request asking if you'd like to provide extra bandwidth to upload this video for others at a reward rate of 1 TRX per hour, you click accept, watch your movie and then suddenly get another craving... This time you don't want to wait, so you spend the 2 TRX you just earned...

THIS is stealth gamification... It does not feel like Vegas, or a slot-machine, or gambling... You simply use it, get value, provide value, and transfer value... STEALTH GAMIFICATION

REMEMBER THIS: Every person who adds to the value of the network, adds to the value of their AND everyone else's shares, which further incentives each party to continue adding value to the network. (This is why you've seen exponential growth in Cryptocurrencies)

Network Effect: "Do what is best for the network, the network will thrive"

Tragedy of the Commons: "Do what is best for yourself, the network will die"

A proper network effect rewards those who benefit the network, and punishes those who exploit the network.

BitTorrent has failed to truly succeed YET because they have only done half of the equation, they have only punished those who exploit the network (slowing download speeds for those who don't upload)... There is no "reward", they need the second portion of the equation, and TRX can provide that... effectively!

Step 4: Reinvest & Revolutionize Economics

If TRX can be successful in building this network effect, and properly manage their greed long enough to accomplish that goal, it will create "groups" of different gamified networks all receiving a steady stream of income and that will do something incredible historically speaking: It will END the quarterly result so thoroughly craved by share holders around the world...

Rather than a network's value being represented by it's profits every 3 months, it will be truly and authentically represented by the power of the network, distinguishing itself in an entirely good way from typical stocks & shares in today's modern environment.

Developers will no longer be forced to choose between producing a quality product, or pushing out some "thing" that will sell quickly and turn profit for the 3-month period... They will be directly incentivized to make the best quality product to increase their network effect, and therefore the value of their holdings...


If you become a greedy entity who tries to control everything, strangling the system with centralized choke points to keep all the money for yourself, you’ll accelerate the current collapse of our economic stability and break this world. Your crimes will live forever in infamy...

But if you can resist the urge to dominate, to control, to horde every resource, you can unlock the vast hidden potential of the world. Do that and your deeds will echo in the halls of eternity...

You. Just. Might. Save. The. World. ... ustin_sun/

A message to the TRX community

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:10 pm
by Michaelvop
why is she thanking a fanbase that cant rebound her out of the bottom two?

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