Elon Musk’s problem with journalism can be solved with—you guessed it—a blockchain

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Elon Musk’s problem with journalism can be solved with—you guessed it—a blockchain

Post by dizzleBEE16 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:01 pm

Maybe Elon Musk won’t have to go to all the trouble of building his “Pravda” website for rating journalists’ credibility, because, it turns out, there’s already a blockchain for that.

It’s called Civil, which touts itself as a “decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism.”

Civil, which is the name of both the company and the platform it’s building, is riding a wave of interest in applying blockchain technology to the business of journalism. It’s funding grants worth €1.7 million ($2 million) from the European Journalism Centre, and it plans to sell its CVL crypto tokens in an initial coin offering later this year (Civil is putting up €300,000, with the rest from the EJC and the News Integrity Initiative). It has raised $5 million from ConsenSys, a venture firm started by the ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin.

Civil says it has about 100 journalists attached to 15 organizations who publish on its platform. It has funded these efforts by disbursing $1 million in grants. The newsrooms range from a business publication reporting on the cannabis industry to a site that covers immigrants in New York City.

One of the projects is a podcast called ZigZag, which will include “come-to-Jesus moments” and other meta messages about entrepreneurship, according to its website. It’s run by two veterans of US public radio, Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant. They quit their radio jobs to start the company that produces ZigZag, and their first tranche of funding has come from Civil—two-thirds of it in “regular money” and the rest in CVL tokens, according to Zomorodi.

https://qz.com/1294661/token-curated-re ... a-problem/

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