Neblio (NEBL) Threatens Ethereum (ETH) In A Unique Way

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Neblio (NEBL) Threatens Ethereum (ETH) In A Unique Way

Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:15 pm

"One cannot ignore the 36% increase in trading value for Neblio (NEBL). Another outstanding achievement for the digital coin is by it going past the $80 million level and barely breaching the top 100 digital coins in the industry. The news was just a tip of the iceberg of the coin offering a real threat to Ethereum (ETH) in a unique way compared to other fiat currencies.

The coin is one of the many cryptocurrencies that are mimicking ETH; however it places itself apart from the rest. What makes Neblio be different from Ethereum, is the form of network algorithm it employs to its system. The network provides its users with a secure pathway of staking their tokens in the network." ... nique-way/

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