GeoCoin (GEO)

Every GeoCoin has a specific latitude and longitude on Earth. Every GeoCoin represents 11 square meters on the finite Earth surface. One can look for a GeoCoin after downloading an app called GeoCoin Snap, only available on Google Play at the moment, and will be launched on the App Store in August 2015. Once registered on the app, one is given a unique ID. A satellite is linked to the phone with its unique credentials and unique ID, and one can find a GeoCoin by being at a specific location and then snapping it. Snapping consists in sending a request to the satellite to acquire the GeoCoin. The satellite then checks if nobody before you has acquired this GeoCoin at the same latitude and longitude. If not, the GeoCoin is yours. It is linked to your unique identifier and unique coordinates through the app. Another way to acquire a GeoCoin is if someone gives it to you or if one exchanges it with traditional money
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